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Attitude is Everything

I sent this post about attitude to my Challengers a couple of weeks ago after a client was upset about a weigh-in even though she had huge results. I felt that it is applicable to everyday life, hope you all enjoy the read!



Have you noticed how much your mindset affects your mood? How your attitude can predict what kind of day you’re going to have?


In these days of social media overload – with everyone presenting their “highlight reels” to the world, showcasing only the awesomeness of their lives  – it can be pretty easy to let yourself feel somehow unworthy. 


You can start to develop a mental script that becomes self-defeating.


The other day I saw this quote:


 "It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not."


It’s so true, isn’t it? Especially when you’re surrounded with images of people projecting a certain (often not-realistic) view of themselves.


You can develop a script that tells you that you’re not the kind of person who follows through. You’re not the kind of person who deserves to be healthy. You’re not the kind of person who works out, who achieves their goals.


WRONG! The dangerous thing about those thoughts is that they can become habitual – habitual thought patterns that we begin to believe that are not at all based in fact.


You can turn that around by developing positive thought habits instead! It takes work, but every time you catch yourself thinking that you’re somehow unworthy, think a NEW positive thought.


You ARE the kind of person who follows through (you opened this email today, didn’t you?). You ARE the kind of person who wants and deserves to be healthy (you signed up for this challenge, right?). And you ARE the kind of person who achieves their goals!


If you stumble, just pick yourself up as fast as possible and keep on going!

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